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Our staff is here to provide exceptional service at your events for you and your guests. We strive to deliver great service from the moment you inquire with us, until the end of your party. We love to hear great things about our food and staff, so we make sure the service is delivered 100%

Rafael Ramirez Cariño


Rafael Ramirez Cariño was born in Puebla,Mexico. While growing up, he became heavily influenced by his mother homemade cooking which was what got him involved in the restaurant business. Rafael left Mexico in 1977 to pursue better opportunities, and found himself working at Armando’s at the age of 18. It was here that he began his journey to become a head chef, which he eventually achieved. After 21 years of being ahead chef, Rafael decided it was time for a change and started his own business, where he could bring to people his love and flair for Mexican cuisine along with his cultural heritage through his tasty dishes. Rafael’s years of knowledge, authenticity, and delicious touch along with insight of the restaurant business is what makes CTT  great! “Viva La Tacovolucion!”

Patricia Ramirez-Sanchez
Paty will be your first point of contact when it comes to inquiring and booking our food truck for your event. Not only is she part of our team, but she is also the youngest daughter of Mr. Cariño. She has insight in running businesses and has decided to help Mr. Cariño in marketing, sales and coordinating all events.  She makes sure you have all the information you are looking for in order to plan your party perfectly. Paty will also be working catering’s most of the time if her schedule permits. She is a multidisciplinary artist,  photographer and designer with a strong passion for people, culture.
Ignacio E. Sanchez

Ignacio Sanches is a local artist who was born in Houston Texas. Ignacio, or as most know him, “Nacho”, has a great passion for cooking, discovering new dishes and eating great food. You will find Mr. Sanchez working all of our catering events along with the rest of our team. Nacho is a great people person and enjoys making each guest feel personally taken care of. In his spare time he enjoys painting murals, traveling, cooking and spending times with friends and family.



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